Today I’ve had a food epiphany along the lines of “I want to try veganism”. I’ve been soldiering on through a day of outright procrastination and somewhere during this I came across my folder of recipes. They’re mainly vegetarian and vegan and it got me to thinking about my food choices.

I grew up in a home where you had meat with every evening meal, just out of habit I suppose. But when I turned 15 I read a book that made the very idea of eating meat repulsive. Let’s just say there were a lot of graphic images of animals being cruelly slaughtered. So I put my foot down. Quorn burgers and salads from now on, I told myself. My parents were supportive. My Mum tried her best to cook good vegetarian food for me. This all lasted for two and a half years until my Mum was taken seriously ill and I took over cooking for the household and frankly, I did not have time to cook separately for myself. Nor did animal welfare seem that important to me anymore considering what was going on in other parts of my life.

So I’ve been a  non-veggie for 3 years now and lately I’ve been pining for my vegetarianism. Living alone and cooking for myself means that I rarely eat meat anyway. I prefer my veggies and grain. I eat tofu regularly and really the only meat I eat is terrible  processed stuff that comes in shop-bought sandwiches and salads or when I eat out. So I’m thinking about the  animals again (my dog looks like a lamb, so me and my Mum don’t eat lamb – you’re not allowed to laugh) and I’m saying POWER TO THE PEOPLE (or animals), I’m a veggie again.

Which leads me on to this thing with veganism. I’m going to give it a try. For a week or so. I am NOT promising to go longer than this because I love cheese. And tea with cow’s milk. And scrambled egg. OH MY SHIT, what am I going to do without eggs? Scrambled tofu does not sound as satisfying. But it’ll be an interesting challenge. I’m excited to try fake BLT salad, lemongrass and aubergine curry and sweet potato burgers

Wish me luck (and a lot of it),